AML compliance for cryptocurrency businesses

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Turnkey AML Program

Our compliance experts create scalable custom crypto AML programs that meet federal and state regulatory obligations.

Generally, the programs will include a Risk Assessment, a complete AML Program, and detailed policies to address Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence (KYC/CDD), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Transaction Monitoring, Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Filing, Currency Transaction Report (CTR), Monetary Instrument Log, Employee Training, and more.

Annual AML Audits

Our experts conduct annual independent AML audits, assessing your program’s fitness and providing actionable improvement recommendations.

Our team will work closely with your business to analyze every corner of your AML function and offer detailed, actionable recommendations based on severity. We will also provide narrative support for processes that are particularly strong within your financial institution so that you can track your progress each year. Audits will also comment on strong AML compliance practices and offer tips for building on institutional successes.

Annual AML Training

BitAML offers an interactive, live, 2-hour online BSA/AML training for crypto businesses of all sizes and scale, their employees and board members.

BitAML offers a 2.5-hour remote training session guided by our experts which includes a mix of presentation, sectional quizzes, interactive scenario-based exercises, and Q&A.

Money Transmitter License

Our experts help businesses obtain state-level money transmitter licenses across the US and beyond.

Outsourced Compliance

Our outsourced compliance experts offer guidance & support to keep your business compliant with BSA/AML regulations.

Compliance Management Software

Financial institutions from crypto startups to international exchanges have numerous compliance responsibilities to manage, including reporting and state licensure.

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Traditional Finance

Our team of compliance experts excels in evaluating and composing comprehensive risk assessments for a diverse clientele, spanning traditional finance and crypto sectors.

Risk Assessment

Our team of compliance experts excels in evaluating and composing comprehensive risk assessments for a diverse clientele, spanning traditional finance and crypto sectors.

Hourly Consulting

Our compliance experts are available to answer your questions across the crypto compliance spectrum.

Cybersecurity, Policies/SOC 2 Prep

BitAML offers custom cybersecurity policies and comprehensive SOC 2 preparation services.

To assist businesses, BitAML offers a complete cybersecurity audit which results in the development of customized policies and protocols to tighten security gaps designed to exceed regulatory expectations by adopting the stringent frameworks of New York and Washington State.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity outlines how your business will proceed during and following a disaster, while disaster recovery refers to the plans put into place for responding to a catastrophic event. Business continuity planning also takes into account smaller interruptions or minor disasters, such as extended power outages. Disaster recovery involves the measures your business takes to respond to an event and return to safe, normal operation as quickly as possible.

Consumer Protection Policies

BitAML offers a range of consumer protection policies with appropriate disclosures, risk notices, and compliant remediation process.

As a remedy for businesses, BitAML provides a consumer protection policy and procedure which includes the appropriate consumer disclosures, notice of risks, and consumer complaint remediation.