About BitAML

Cryptocurrency is a new industry. As such, many business owners find it difficult to navigate AML compliance issues as the regulatory landscape continues to shift, rapidly and often without warning.

BitAML is an advisory firm that offers AML compliance services specifically to cryptocurrency financial institutions facing these challenges. Founded in 2015, we are comprised of experienced and capable AML compliance experts with a thorough understanding of regulatory nuance at every level of government.

While there are many firms in the financial compliance space, BitAML is unique in that it specializes in developing holistic, customized AML compliance regimes specifically for cryptocurrency concerns. We are thorough and leave no regulatory stone unturned.

We offer a suite of products and services designed to make it easier for business owners to implement and update AML compliance policies, procedures, and protocols efficiently and accurately as they grow.

We serve businesses including bitcoin ATM/kiosk operators, crypto exchanges, individual traders, trading platforms, hedge funds, crypto-cannabis, and others.

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